The Nosleep Podcast

NoSleep Podcast S16 - Halloween Hiatus Vol. 1



We’re in between Season 16 and 17. Celebrate the Halloween Month of Horror with two previously featured Season Pass stories. “The Diver’s Door” written by Brenden Wysocki (Story starts around 00:04:06) Produced by: Phil Michalski Cast: David – Graham Rowat, Kim – Jessica McEvoy, Woman – Mary Murphy “Cul-de-Sac Virus” written by Evan Dicken (Story starts around 00:19:52) Produced by: Jesse Cornett Cast: Darryl – Eddie Cooper, Lemanski – Graham Rowat, Jo – Wafiyyah White, Greg – Jeff Clement, Woman – Mary Murphy, Police Officer – Kyle Akers This episode is sponsored by: Quip – Quip introduces their new Smart Electric Toothbrush, which connects to the Quip app via Bluetooth. With Quipís Smart Electric Toothbrush, good habits can earn you great perks ó like free products, gift cards, and more. Start getting rewards for brushing your teeth today by going to to save $10 on a quip Smart Electric Toothbrush. Upstart – Upstart believes people are more than their credit score. We take a holistic