Company Of Burning Hearts (cobh)

Episode 112: Ecstatic Joy and Raptures | Justin Paul Abraham with Liz Wright



Live zoom hosted by Liz Wright and the IMC (International Mentoring Community). A brilliant, loving community to help you grow spiritually and fall deeper in love with Jesus. To find out more visit Amazing! Why not also try Liz Wright's new book - REFLECTING GOD. It's a sweet meditative book full of wisdom and bliss. Available on Amazon (and other online books stores). Or Justin Paul Abraham's book BEYOND HUMAN, exploring the New Creation (Kainos) life in Christ. Love it! Want more Justin Paul teachings? Join our PATREON website for extra videos and monthly zooms. For as little as $1 a month you can sign up and join the party! for supporting our channel and don't forget to subscribe! Cheers!*Cover photo art work is from - the FREE stock photo website - check it out! *Music at the end is Janine John Band album RELOCATE available on Apple Music, Spotify etc.