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How to Get Through What You’re Going Through | Part 4 | Struggle: When Life Makes No Sense | Chris Voigt



Struggle: When Life Makes No Sense How to Get Through What You're Going Through October 3, 2021 You might say this when you order no pickles on your burger, but it comes with pickles anyway. Or when you need to meet a work deadline, but you keep getting interrupted. “The struggle is real!” When the pillows at your hotel are more like pancakes than pillows. When it’s “bring your own” TP at the airport bathrooms in Honduras. And you didn’t! Or when you can’t find a real Diet Coke anywhere outside of the US! First world problems! Difficulty is part of the rhythm of life. Everything is broken, and that creates problems. Today, I tried to order lunch delivered to the office. Placed the order. Paid online. And then, a Door Dash driver calls to tell us the restaurant is slammed. Full dining room, only three staff, and 6 drivers waiting for delivery orders. Our guy has waited 30 minutes already, and can’t wait any longer. “You should probably just cancel the order” he says. One more problem to solve. In Gen