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How to Get Through What You’re Going Through | Part 1 | Well, Whaddya Know? | Chris Voigt



Well, Whaddya Know? How to Get Through What You're Going Through September 12, 2021 It was just a regular Tuesday morning. I was up early and in my office, enjoying some quiet time with Jesus before starting to work on my sermon. There was nothing unique or unusual about the day. Nothing seemed off. As staff arrived, there was the usual banter and laughter around the office. I had no reason at all to expect the news that was about to come. But then again…isn’t that how it usually works? Life is uncertain, unpredictable, and none of us is guaranteed a tomorrow. We just prefer to live like we’re bulletproof, until something rocks our world. Around 10 A.M. I received a text. It was startling news of the completely unexpected death of one of our Dayspring family. A tragic accident took her life and she is no longer with us, but is now in the presence of Jesus. She was just 61 years young, active, vibrant, generous, a friend to everyone who knew her. She touched so many with the love of Jesus. And suddenly, with