Steam Powered Scoundrels: A Malifaux Podcast

Friday Night Faux-Down! - 9/12/21 - England 2: England Harder



Been a hot minute since we had a FNFD, so we're fixing that! Join Doug, Vic, Roman, Eli, Jeff, and Joe as we discuss the deep philosophical questions of Malifaux.   Topics: 1. You are trading a model from your faction to another faction with the exact same soul stone cost.  Who are you trading for whom? 2. Explorers are finding new areas of Malifaux. What new location/area would you like explored/discovered in future fluff? 3. (Modern Day Malifaux) What is your favorite character's favorite gaming medium, and their favorite game? 4. Waldo fell victim to an unfortunate “Accident” and is currently residing in Imp hospital. Who’s Wyrd’s temporary mascot while Waldo recuperates? 5. Pick a character. What four words do you whisper in their ear to make them yours forever? 6.  You are tasked with opening and running Malifaux’s first 4-star restaurant. Who is your chef, sous-chef, and Maître d'hôtel ? What is the Thursday night special? 7. You must paint one model as yourself. What model do you choose and ho