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Is Falling In Love Legit? And If So, Is It Worth It? - MTP273



My guest Dr. Gary Salyer is a well-known subject matter expert in the area of attachment theory. That means he has spent a whole lot of time studying how--and why--humans fall in love and the alchemy of relationships. He also knows something about why people fall OUT of love and tend to hurt each other even when they're IN love. His book is called Safe To Love Again, and in this episode we talk about whether or not falling in love is worth it, and if so how to make it last. Why do so many men scoff at the idea of falling in love, as if it's grounds for surrendering one's 'man card'? Is the idea of getting into a long-term relationship with someone specifically because of how one feels toward them legit? After all, it's a relatively modern construct. And what of the confusion among us as men when we're told on one hand to be stoic in our masculinity, while on the other hand being told it's okay and healthy to exhibit more emotion...especially in the context of a relationship? So then, is love a feeling or is i