Clarity On Fire

Side Chat: What we *actually* do for our mental health every day



I’ve gotta admit, there’s something fun about those “what do you eat in a day?” or “what’s in your bag?” videos that you’ll often find celebrities doing on YouTube. Of course, I highly doubt what’s being curated for YouTube is real — their bags are probably a whole lot more embarrassing, and their food choices more realistic, than what you see online.   Kristen and I are about as far from celebrities as you can get, but there can still be a bit of a ~mystique~ around people you don’t really know, IRL. In the past 3.5 years, we’ve published over 300 episodes of the podcast! And if you didn’t know any better, you might think that we’ve somehow managed to integrate every bit of wisdom from each of them.     But much like a famous chef with a glossy cookbook who rarely makes those meals (and eats oatmeal for breakfast every day instead), we definitely aren’t always walking our talk!   So, in this month’s brand-new Side Chat, we’re getting into what the two of us actually do every day for our mental health. We got