Clarity On Fire

Learning to let go of control with Diana La Femina



I once told Kristen, and I quote, “I’d rather my life be harder and more complicated than necessary, but still happen on my terms, rather than it be easier but not go the way I’ve envisioned.” Charming, I know!   What can I say? I’m a Hermione-Granger type know-it-all with a penchant to grab onto something and insist that I know when, how, and why it’s supposed to happen … and then get indignant when it doesn’t go my, naturally.   Wouldn’t it be easier to, I dunno, release control over the unknown and chill out? Yes! It would. But that’s not as easy as it sounds, which is why I’ll never stop having conversations about how to let go—I need constant reminders. And I suspect you do, too.   So, in this month’s brand-new interview with a normal person, tune in as I chat with Diana, a former-client-turned-friend, about how she learned to let go of control. We got into…   Why Diana was tripping up on how to put the concept of feminine energy into practice. How an early experience with chronic illness created her pa