Clarity On Fire

Forever Alone Chapter 3: Exes & Existential Crisis



Last week I took you on a journey through the heartbreak and awkwardness of high school and college—I know I made at least one of you cry, so I consider that a success—and now we’re onto Chapter 3 of Forever Alone and (dramatic pause) adulthood.    And if you thought becoming an adult made me any more clear, confident, or “together” than I was as a teenager, you’d be very mistaken. Here’s a preview of what you’re about to hear:   That time Kristen and I weren’t on good terms for 8 months Bringing home the Puppy From Hell (sorry, Scarlett) and why it woke me up Getting back together with an ex-boyfriend … oops Quitting my job and running out of money … bigger oops   This episode is available on the Clarity on Fire podcast feed, but I’d love it if you subscribed to the Forever Alone feed and listened there! And of course, hit me up with a 5-star rating and review. You can find Forever Alone on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Play, Amazon, YouTube, among other places you listen to podcasts.   And if