Clarity On Fire

Human Design 101 with Sara Bacon



If you’re anything like us, we’re pretty sure you loooove a good personality assessment. There’s nothing quite like getting your geek on with something that cracks a new code on the human experience.   We’ve been hearing a lot about Human Design for the past couple years—from clients, friends, and fellow coaches—but we hadn’t done any deeper digging yet. So instead of try to read about it online (and end up overwhelmed and confused … which we quickly did) we invited an expert to teach us what we need to know!   Listen in as Rachel and Human Design expert Sara Bacon get into…   What Human Design actually is and how it works The five basic types you could possibly be, and how common/rare each is How each of the five types processes information and makes decisions  The hang-ups and growth areas you might experience in life (we talked about career and dating examples!) according to your type Where to get started to make Human Design feel more approachable   Come leave a comment after you’ve listened to share yo