Clarity On Fire

Forever Alone Chapter 2: Proms & Palpitations



Thank you all so much for the outpouring of support, comments, and love I got last week for my birthday and the release of Forever Alone! I’ve had SO much fun putting this out into the world, and hearing your feedback has been the cherry on top.   I’m back this week with Chapter 2: Proms & Palpitations—where I’m dialing it back to 2002 and pressing play on my relationship history, starting with high school. I got into…   How a first heartbreak can define how you see yourself, and your future relationship patterns, LONG after your wounds have healed. The inception of me thinking my mental health was something a boy could solve. Fracturing into two people—a girl who bought into love and fantasy and an adult who believed in practicality and checking the right boxes. Why it became so easy for me to believe you can’t “have it all” with one person.   This episode is available on the Clarity on Fire podcast feed, but I’d love it if you subscribed to the Forever Alone feed and listened there! And of course, hit