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Side Chat: Why you don’t need motivation



A couple weeks ago one of my client’s asked, “Why is it so hard to get myself to do things that I KNOW are good for me? I really do want to eat healthy, exercise, not sit on the couch binging Netflix for hours after work … but finding the motivation is so hard. How do I get motivated??”   To which I replied, “How about we start by NOT trying to find motivation?”   In this month’s brand-new Side Chat, Kristen and I are diving into the perils of relying on motivation to get things done. We talked about …    Why we should all probably delete “motivation” from our vocabulary, in general A much better, and more reliable, source of fuel for getting important things done … that will propel you whether or not you “feel like it” in the moment How we can apply this new strategy to all the big areas of life – health, fitness, relationships, work, creativity, and more!   Come leave a comment after you’ve listened to share where in your life you’ve decided to toss out motivation!   FOREVER ALONE IS HERE!   In case you m