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Twin Flames: Who Do You Think You Are? I Am! - MTP274



I couldn't help but invoke pro bowler Pete Weber's infamous quote as the title of this episode. After all, we're talking about twin flames...the idea that your very soul is split here on earth and one other specific human shares it with you. I've known about this concept for quite a while, but it took until now to find the right guest. Elle Hari is indeed a world-class expert on the subject, having studied under the now-deceased undisputed twin flame guru. Now granted, I realizes this sounds like a chick thing from Cosmo on the surface, but hang with me here. What do we as men need to know, and how can we relate? I mean, is our twin flame destined to be our 'one and only'? Is she hot? Is she even a 'she'? And wait a minute...isn't this really just the same thing as the time-worn soulmate concept? (Spoiler's not.) Are you supposed to marry your twin flame? After all, wouldn't procreating with your twin flame be like inbreeding your soul? What if your twin flame is far away? Do they have the same bir