Scientific Healing With Dr. Anastasia Chopelas

Boost Immunity 16: Care and Feeding of Your Skin and Its Microbiome



In this broadcast, you'll hear about the importance of your skin's microbiome, which protects you from foreign invaders and pathogens.  You'll also discover ways to take excellent care of it to provide you with moist, flexible and nourished skin.  Get all the immunity boosting tips here:  Standout Quotes: "Your skin is your largest organ. It provides the barrier between you and the outside world, and it's the first thing that people see when they look at you. It protects you; it keeps out most invaders, and it projects your current state of health." "If your skin looks good, you'll feel good about yourself. If your skin has problems, then you'll feel shame and embarrassment such that you'll isolate yourself, and those with severe issues can be outcasts or stigmatized." "Individuals with visible challenges face a steep mountain to climb to embrace themselves for who they are, which in turn helps other people accept them for who they are. And there are numerou