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How to Get Through What You’re Going Through | Part 7 | Service: Finding Treasure in the Darkness | Jon Sprouse



Sanctification II: Finding Treasure in Darkness How to Get Through What You're Going Through October 24, 2021 Bonfires, shooting stars, fireflies, the northern lights.. These are just a few of the “treasures” you might discover in a dark place. It’s common for kids to be afraid of the dark. But I’m not sure whether it’s really the darkness they’re afraid of as much as it is what’s hidden within it. Even as adults, we tend not to like what we can’t see. When we find ourselves in dark places in life, it can be tempting to hide under the covers, so to speak; to become frozen by fear of the unknown. But as we’ve already seen…there is treasure to be found in dark places! This is week 7 of our series, How to Get Through What You’re Going Through. We’re taking a look at how to navigate grief and loss in a healthy way. God has promised in His Word, the Bible, that He is with us in the dark places. And not only is He with us, but that there are treasures hidden for us there. Isaiah 50:10 says, “Let the one who walk