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Arisia 2017: On Shaming, Bullying, and Public Humiliation



Andrew and Ben were both on panels at Arisia: New England's Largest, Most Diverse Sci-Fi & Fantasy Convention! This episode is from the panel Andrew was on: On Shaming, Bullying, and Public Humiliation. Thank you to everyone on the panel for letting us record. Find their awesome work (other than Andrew - you know him by now) and the description of the panel below. "SF/F fans are no stranger to bullying—many of us who were picked on for being different at a young age found refuge and escape in the other worldliness of fantastical books, movies, and newer media. The internet age of un-moderated twitter, 4chan, and Gawker has made bullying and harassment easier. The behavior surrounding GamerGate has practically normalized it. What can this teach us about forms of public humiliation and bullying, and what we can do to push back against it?" Andy Hicks is, or has been: a writer, producer and occasional voice-over guy for WGBH radio and television, a musician, a sound designer, an actor, a cat owner, a husband