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Why It's Hard For Men To Heal - MTP279



Most people think about therapy as healing from the past, and as coaches we think and talk more about setting future-oriented goals and reaching them. But the truth is that healing from the past is a necessary step to forging ahead successfully in the future. The truly sobering part is that we as men can go years--even decades--without acknowledging, or even realizing the psychological and emotional wounds we need to recover from. Nevertheless, if your upbringing, past relationships or other circumstances have resulted in deep insecurities or even rage, then you have the power to turn that around and become the man you want to be. That's the entire point of my co-host Justin Long's latest book. For starters, we talk about how the biggest kiss of death is being too hard on ourselves, and how it paralyzes us from going forward with perceived risk. Next, we cover how the dreaded approval seeking tendencies make things worse, sending us into an even deeper spiral of self-doubt and loss of confidence. And even tho