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Balancing Relationships, Career And Purpose - MTP281



My guest holds top-secret clearance as a Lieutenant Colonel in the USAF, pilots a 787 for United Airlines, practices law AND is a self-help coach. He even hosts his own podcast, The Greg Krino Show. That makes him the right guy to talk about balancing careers, passions and purpose...and there's plenty to discuss. What is the best guiding principle for measuring how much work and responsibility you can pile on your plate? What happens when you have a hard time saying "no"? Given how driven most men can be, do we need paternity leave? Next, discover a genius but simple hack for balancing career responsibility with family commitments. How is a mature, evolved man different in how he goes about balancing multiple responsibilities? What are the red flags that we've either got too much going on...or too little? What are the practical steps to take from there? Listen in for the great ironic truth men need to live by, especially if they work in a service-oriented career. How does passion intersect with intelligence a