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Nowadays, many of us as men find it more challenging than ever to relate to women. We hear from the media that our masculinity is "toxic", if it even exists as opposed to being a mere social construct. And most frustrating of all? We're not given an alternative. We're simply told to "do better". This is Scot McKay, host of The Mountain Top Podcast for men...since 2007, the definitive podcastfor evolved men of character. My expert co-hosts and I talk women, dating, relationships and 21st century masculinity in a fast-paced, entertaining and often controversial style. Plus, it can be a very funny show, especially when I have female guests on and bring out their playful, feminine nature. Join thousands of men worldwide--current AND future entrepreneurs, captains of industry, professionals, military officers, first responders and other high-achieving men who work hard AND play hard--all of whom have chosen to boldly stand up, take ownership, reclaim virtuous masculinity and--most of all--enrich their lives with f