Stephen J. Kosmyna

Treasure Your Divinity



In this episode I continue discussing a little book by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer titled, 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace. In this episode I take a look at chapter nine which is all about moving into an always on awareness of our own divinity. So many of the reasons we stay stuck is because we feel we are separate from everything that we truly want to be, do, and have. When we realize that we are not only one with our Source but one of It, made of It and that there is no place we can go where IT is not, we truly move into The Genesis Frequency. The ego works hard to keep us attached to what our senses say we are. It keeps us trapped in a very limited view of our self. It keeps us in a place where we believe we have to compete for everything we want, for our share, because we falsely believe there is only so much to go around. Listen in to today's episode to gain an understanding of the importance of spiritual integration in your life, personally and professionally, and you'll walk away knowing that this is t