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Living In Crazytown Is Wrecking Our Relationships - MTP282



People have stopped making sense, the emperor has no clothes everywhere you go, and it seems to anyone with half a brain left that we're living in an Idiocracy. It's scary how prescient movies like that and, say, Wall-e are starting to seem. Critical thinking and personal responsibility aren't only discouraged, they're flat-out vilified. But WHY? Johnny Elsasser from The Art Of Masculinity podcast joins me to piece together how we got to this point, especially with regard to how men and women relate nowadays. Doesn't everyone instinctively know when something is stupid--possibly even those proffering the stupidity themselves? Do they really believe their own narrative, or do they just hope YOU will? Do people trust truth over facts? ...Or is that more like facts over truth? And what's up with all the childish intolerance? I mean, even the anti-bullying movement bullies those who disagree with them. How did we get programmed to politicize virtually everything nowadays? What is it about fear that makes us so st