The Chick Whisperer Podcast

Your Ego Will Surprise You - MTP286



We sometimes get into slightly paranormal stuff around here, but it's always tied to manhood and relationships. My guest today is Stephen Hawley Martin, the extremely prolific author of such books as Your Cosmic Mind Power, How Science Reveals God, Afterlife-The Whole Truth, and Consciousness-The Hard Problem Solved. Stephen boldly goes where no man has before, with confidence. He claims to have scientific proof for the afterlife, as well as a purely logical explanation for consciousness itself. Curiously, Stephen says the way to discover our eternal nature centers on looking past, or even flat-out denying our ego, which will perk a lot men's attention. After all, ego seems central to masculine swagger and power. But could it possibly be that we get more power from limiting our ego's influence over our lives? So, what is consciousness, exactly..and do most of us have WAY too small a vision for what it truly is? How do our conscious minds stand in the way of our unconscious mind and/or our sub-conscious mind?