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The Subtle Differences Between Men And Women - MTP287



When it comes to differences between men and women, my talking points have always been mostly about masculine-feminine polarity, while supposing most other elements of humanity are similar. I've said 'men are from Earth and women are from Earth'. Yet there's no accounting for some differences that are undoubtedly there, but don't make much sense. Enter my guest and long-time friend, Marni 'The Winggirl' Kinrys, who has plenty to say on that. For starters, what is the key male-female difference that sabotages our attempts to approach women and start conversations with them? Why don't men ask for help? And what effect does breaking that mold have on the women in our lives? What is the truth about men and porn? Why do men get shamed more often for their natural tendencies compared to women? Is MGTOW really different than radical Feminism? Why do women bring up stuff that happened six months ago when you're arguing with them? How come women often care little about their own rank and status, but care so much about