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What's Her Sexual Personality Type? - MTP289



Co-Host Helena Nista ( Personality type in general is widely discussed in psycho-social circles, but I have never heard anyone openly discuss the idea of sexual personality. Indeed, the concept even caught world-renowned sex expert Helena Nista off guard. But she told me she LOVED the idea, and agreed to join us for a second week in a row...this time to boldly blaze a new trail. We start by suggesting several potential 'sexual avatars' a woman may portray. What are these different kinds of women like, and can we pick them out of a crowd before actually taking them to bed? How can we tell which women will be most sexually compatible with us? What can we tell from even the first kiss? Do some of them have plenty to teach us? Do women evolve or even voluntarily change their sexual personalities over time? Can we influence that in any way? Is sexual personality potentially more confusing or even somewhat 'hidden' because of societal pressures and stereotypes? And what about us