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Performing Under Pressure...Even When Approaching Women - MTP290



Co-Host JP Pawliw-Fry ( My guest today is the New York Times bestselling author of Performing Under Pressure. And surely JP Pawliw-Fry knows what he's talking about, having worked with NFL and NBA players and Olympic athletes. So with the Olympic Games going on, what better time than this to talk about how the best perform so well under pressure, and how we as men can do the same--be it on the field, in the workplace or (of course) interacting with women. Why is performance such an important issue for men? Is pressure a bad thing? How do we turn it into a positive? Is there really such thing as people who perform better under pressure? What differentiates people who thrive on pressure? Do people who master this skill do better in life? IOW, do higher stakes lead to bigger accomplishments? Why do young children often seem to do better with pressure? What is 'the last 8 percent'? Why is it so hard to have the conversations we want with women...especially when we KNOW they need