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The Science Behind Social Skills - MTP292



Co-Host Doug Noll ( My guest today, Doug Noll, is a neuroscience expert. After 22 years as a trial lawyer, he became a peacemaker and mediator. In order to work his craft to the fullest effect, he spends lots of time thinking and writing about social skills. All of this started for Doug when he found himself frustrated by how most writing on Emotional Intelligence was based purely on pop psychology. Seeking a more practical, fluff-free approach, Doug instead focused on the science behind how the brain really works, rather than how people think it works. As a direct result of all this research and real-world practice, he's now the New York Times bestselling author of De-Escalate: How To Calm An Angry Person In 90 Seconds Or Less. So out with it then...what IS the scientific basis for social skill? Can you teach Emotional Intelligence, or is it innate like IQ? What are the signs of good or bad EI? In other words, Is it you, or is it me? What are the three basic emotional comp