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Protect Those You Love From Predators - MTP293



Co-Host Jan Edwards ( Child trafficking an uncomfortable subject, which is a big part of why it's not talked about enough. But as men, we're responsible to protect those we love and look out for their best interests. That means we can no longer ignore this essential conversation. This is not a problem that happens to 'someone else'. All too often, it occurs close to home, even right under our very noses. The shocking part is it's FAR easier for it to affect your family than you think. You might not even realize it's happening at first. My guest Jan Miller is President of Paving The Way Foundation, and she offers straight talk about what human trafficking really is, the insidious ways traffickers and abusers weasel their way into our children's world, and--of course--what we as men can and should do about it. Listen in as Jan explains how it's not only girls who are sexually abused, and not only men who are the abusers. Moreover, child trafficking isn't necessarily synony