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Personality Hacks That Women Notice - MTP296



Co-Host Merrick Rosenberg ( My guest, Merrick Rosenberg, is the CEO of Take Flight Learning. He has an interesting take on how our personality traits affect our lives and our relationships with others. For starters, how come we aren't all naturally self-aware enough to know what our inherent strengths and weaknesses are? Discover the insidious ways we become our own worst enemy when we don't have an adequate grasp thereof. What's up with the masculine obsession with proving people wrong when they tell us we can't do something? And worse, why do we tend to be stubborn about doing things our way? What's the difference between determination and stubbornness? Next, we outline the relationship dangers associated with mismanaging one's own personality traits. What is the ironic truth about how our ego tends to actually keep us from maximizing our potential? Are empathy and compassion masculine? Is there such thing as an alpha 'Mr. Nice Guy'? How is it that so many of us end up