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Ayahuasca Made Me A Better Man - MTP298



Co-Host Benjamin Bequer ( Several years ago my guest Benjamin Bequer seemed like he had it all together, at least on the outside. But underneath was perpetual insecurity and anxiety, as is the case for many of us. That all manifested itself in strange ways, with counterintuitive consequences. Not until he discovered Ayahuasca did he start to turn everything around...culminating in the right relationship with the right woman for him. Discover how Benjamin's story feels like a 'conversion experience', yet comes about in a way that's unusual to most in Western culture. So what is Ayahuasca, how did Benjamin discover it, and what transformative meaning did it have for him? What is Ayahuasca's active ingredient, what does it do for you, and what's the shocking connection between it and something miraculous your body does naturally? How does it help give potential clarity to both purpose and relationships? Why is it that fear seems to rule so many people's lives, especially o