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Power Past Shame And Guilt - MTP299



Co-Host Dominey Drew ( Who knows how or why it took so many episodes to address this topic, but guilt and shame are probably the biggest hurdles we as men face as we seek to get better with women. But what ARE guilt and shame? And what is the difference between them? My guest Dominey Drew has been working with men and women for years now, all with the aim of increasing purpose, fulfillment and joy. She graciously agreed to help me address this sticky but important topic, and believe it or not we somehow made it fun. Listen in as we first address the biggest irony surrounding guilt, shame and masculinity. Next, we talk about how and why the biggest reasons men feel guilt and shame are often the most illogical ones. What is the biggest stumbling block we as men face in getting rid of unnecessary guilt and shame? But there ever any GOOD reason to feel these emotions, and what should we do about that? Why can pride and gratitude get supplanted by guilt and shame, depe