Fitness Confidential With Vinnie Tortorich

Creating New Sugars & More - Episode 2089



Episode 2089 - On this Monday show, Anna Vocino and Vinnie Tortorich talk misbehaving on the internet, creating new sugars, making a difference, staying or getting off of medications, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS CREATING NEW SUGARS There is a patent war over new sugars. They know they haven't gotten it right. One of them is called tagatose.  They're saying this is going to be okay for diabetics -- this seems oxymoronic. It's similar to sucrose, and side effects are very similar to things like erythritol.  This doesn't seem healthy at all. The article also says consumption of more than 30 g (which is something like one coke), will cause gastric disturbance. Clearly, this can't be good. The sugars don't even work well and they're investing billions into it. This makes both Anna and Vinnie sad -- they just want people to know the truth and not buy in. Vinnie and Anna vs. billions of dollars. This is a hard battle t