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BEST OF: Lifestyle-Based Intervention with Dr. Bret Scher - Episode 2090



Episode 2090 - On this BEST OF Wednesday show from May 2021, Dr. Bret Scher and Vinnie talk learning from your clients, nutritional advice, properly interpreting cholesterol numbers, the sugar and grain industries, lifestyle-based intervention, the Diet Doctor, your body's use of fat, and more. PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS DR. BRET SCHER Like Vinnie, he has a podcast and does consults. He is an excellent cardiologist. There are methods that will help a majority of people, but you tinker those methods to the individual. This is what makes consults so rewarding and keeps Dr. Scher and Vinnie learning. Some doctors stick to conventional wisdom; others want to be on the cutting edge. Doctors who see it the latter way, like they have to keep learning and improving, are usually the better doctors. Like for trainers, doctors receive very little nutritional training. Though doctors don't usually deal with bro sci