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Benefits of the Carnivore Diet with Dr. Shawn Baker - Episode 2091



Episode 2091 - On this Friday show, Dr. Shawn Baker joins Vinnie for another appearance and the two talk benefits of the carnivore diet, shredded bodies and lifting, rowing, and more. Https:// PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS DR. SHAWN BAKER Dr. Baker has been on the show before. He feels that he has been shadow banned on social media because of his views. It seems they prefer the vegan view. But he's incredibly healthy and his been carnivore for some time. It's tough because all Dr. Baker does is follow the science. Your political persuasion should not matter: this is about being healthy and feeling good. He is all-in on the carnivore diet, and is also a big rower like Vinnie! THE CARNIVORE DIET Before it was coined 'carnivore,' it was mostly called the zero-carb diet. But Dr. Baker realized "carnivore" was more accessible. He did an n=1 experiment and felt so much better eating this way. Dr. Baker's diet is