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BEST OF: Managing Type 1 Diabetes with Bethany McKenzie - Episode 2092



Episode 2092 - On this Saturday show, we play a "Best Of" featuring Bethany McKenzie. The two talk Bethany's son's diabetes diagnosis, managing type 1 diabetes, Bethany's documentary: The Diabetes Solution, empowering other parents, and more. Https:// PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS TYPE 1 DIABETES DIAGNOSIS She and her family were featured in the first Fat Doc. Her son has Type 1 diabetes. The family discovered this when she came back from a trip, and her son's weight had dropped from 46 to 40 lbs. Immediately, she rushed him to the hospital and he was diagnosed. In that moment, they realized they would have to change the way they eat. The dietitian was prescribing them all kinds of sugary foods. She was told the kid needed 60g of carbs a meal, and she wanted to do anything she could to help him, so she did it. She feels her diet was healthier before this. For 3 years, Bethany followed these rules and h