Fitness Confidential With Vinnie Tortorich

Combating Nausea & Motion Sickness - Episode 2093



Episode 2093 - On this Sunday School episode, Vinnie Tortorich and Gina Grad talk food poisoning, Guns N' Roses, travel tips for motion sickness and combating nausea, and more. Https:// PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS COMBATING NAUSEA Gina had terrible food poisoning last week. She always cooks her meat so that she can't even worry whether it's fully cooked. Vinnie's had food poisoning and salmonella before. He was on the ground with salmonella, so dehydrated. Vinnie likes to travel, but he gets unbelievably nauseous from motion sickness in cars and on planes and boats, and even after spinning around a couple of times. He doesn't love Dramamine, but he doesn't want to stop traveling.  The little bracelets didn't work -- neither the electric nor the accupressure.  Now Vinnie uses scopace -- he was prescribed this by a doctor. He loves it, in part, because he can drive after landing. They don't make it anymore, but you can st