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Women Love Sex And Casual Flings - MTP301



Co-Host Lia Holmgren ( Far too many men somehow believe that women don't enjoy sex as much as we do. Further, they believe if sex happens, she's going to want to lock him down into a long-term relationship. Well, my guest Lia Holmgren is the author of a book FOR WOMEN on how to have empowered casual sex. In this episode, she will delight you not only with her mellifluous Eastern European accent, but with her decidedly unexpected take on women and sex. So, does Lia think women should reclaim the word 'slut'? Where exactly did the long history of slut-shaming women originate...and why? Are men simply possessive and jealous, or is there a more primal vestige of our caveman days going on there? Listen in as Lia perfectly describes just how screwed up sexual dynamics have become in this day and age...and exactly why. Hint: Only a few angry people made it this way, NOT the vast majority. So how did we as men convince ourselves women don't like sex? What's the uncomfortable truth t