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Battling Addiction & Staying Fit Healthily with Mike Catherwood - Episode 2101



Episode 2101 - On this Friday show, Mike Catherwood joins Vinnie Tortorich and the two talk Tom Leykis, Mike's career in radio, battling addiction, staying fit healthily, and more. Https:// PLEASE SUPPORT OUR SPONSORS CAREER IN RADIO Mike is a great voice in radio. You might know him as Psycho Mike from KROQ. KROQ is a hugely influential force in Los Angeles. He also co-hosted the famous radio show, Loveline, for six years. Mike got to KROQ in 2003. He grew up listening to the station. Prior to radio, he was an aspiring musician but as that didn't take off full-time, he found his way to radio. Initially, he wanted to be a songwriter and he played bass and guitar.  His first gig in radio was in production on a morning show. BATTLING ADDICTION Earlier in his life, he suffered with addiction during this time. He would have long periods of blacking out and was really struggling. Mike had done so