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Transcendental Nature of Stars, Heavens above, Astrology Complex Soul Clock, Luminaries



The luminaries (stars) and wandering luminaries (known to most as planets) are akin to a complex mega clockwork mechanism, one that allows different soul types with maybe different karma to incarnate.  A celestial mirror, - as above, so below.  The signs and wandering stars are inner-world archetypes, internal forces that influence the psyche. Luminaries are a soul clock and feeding us down energy at all times, birth cycles & death cycles and feeding down information into this reality. Live Stream / Q&A / Hangout    ✅Mastermind Group - Support This Channel ✅Paypal Donate: ✅Patreon: ✅Cryptocurrency (Contact Me) ✅Telegram Group (Censorship Free) ✅Bitchute ✅ 1 to 1 Coaching - ✅ Mastermind Group Private Youtube Page (Extra Conte