Ascend Podcast

Apocalyptic Navigation (through the ages) Model to Sovereignty



Civilisation is on the trajectory to be restructured a spiritual reset and a lot of people have not even seen it yet. So that’s why in this one I am going to share and explore a Complete model to sovereignty from a physical and spiritual level. ✅Mastermind Group - Support This Channel ✅Paypal Donate: ✅Patreon: ✅Cryptocurrency (Contact Me) ✅Telegram Group (Censorship Free) ✅Bitchute ✅ 1 to 1 Coaching - ✅ Mastermind Group Private Youtube Page (Extra Content) ✅ Join Youtube Members only Inner Circle LISTEN to the Ascend Podcast on the GO - Available on Spotify, iTunes & all other platforms ✅ CONNECT WITH DAN Facebook - Website -