Lexus : Lucresia, The Wretched - Erotic Dystopia

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Lucresia is a criminal, a prisoner, one of the Wretched of District X. In her old life as a Consumer, she was granted relative freedom in Belgrame, but it wasn’t enough to satisfy her insatiable sexual appetite. Although guilty of exploiting her freedom to appease her sex addiction, it is for different crimes that she finds herself unfairly condemned to a life in District X. In a dystopian future, the city of Belgrame is governed by a set of laws called LeXuS. Under a strict totalitarian regime, sex has become a privilege which can be bought, sold or earned. Having the right to sex indicates social success, and due to the strict control, sexual crimes have become a distant memory.However, all is not well in Belgrame. A group of renegades are leading a rebellion to overthrow the LeXuS regime and grant sexual freedom to all.Welcome to Belgrame, a city which you will discover through the eyes of its inhabitants. Each character brings a new story, which can be read independently of the others. This is the story of Lucresia, matriculation number X3517.