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  • Tips for easing the overwhelm of tax season

    19/02/2016 Duración: 30min

    Every entrepreneur knows the hustle of getting tax information together to prepare for end of year tax returns. While in the middle of gathering documentation and receipts each year, you often mutter "next year this will all be automated!" Yet taking the time and figuring out the process to do so can seem overwhelming. In this 30 minute interview, Pamela Slim talks with Micky Deming from Kahuna Accounting about the ways that entrepreneurs can get over the hurdle of disorganized bookkeeping so that they can focus on growing their business.  We discuss: -Why you don't need to wallow in shame or guilt if your bookkeeping is disorganized -The key things you need to prepare for a stress-free tax season -The power of cloud-based bookkeeping -What organized financials can help you do in growing your business   To find out more about Micky and Kahuna Accounting, go here:

  • Get Big Things Done with Erica Dhawan

    25/02/2015 Duración: 24min

    I have long been a fan of Malcolm Gladwell's book Tipping Point, in particular, the "Connectors, Mavens and Salesmen" chapter where he talks about different personality types that impact social change. So imagine my delight when I met Erica Dhawan the author of Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence, with co-author Saj-nicole A. Joni. They have spent years delving into research about what they term "connectional intelligence" -- arguably the most important skill currency of the 21st century. In this conversation, Erica and I discuss: 3 types of connectors -- Thinkers, Enablers and Connection Executors How people are using connectional intelligence to solve complex problems and start movements How organizations can develop connectional intelligence  Exerpts from our conversation: "A lot has changed since Gladwell his book came out in 2006. When he framed that term (connector), he framed that there were three personality traits: Connector, Maven and Salesman that play a central role in th

  • Playing Big with Tara Mohr

    18/10/2014 Duración: 34min

    Whenever we set out to make things better in our lives -- improve our career, grow our business, get in shape, make a bigger impact in the world -- fear and doubt creep in. In her work coaching women and in her own personal life, Tara Mohr saw a pattern emerge, a problem she describes as women "playing small." Women are sitting on their big ideas rather than sharing them, holding back their most provocative questions instead of asking them. They are having a collective hallucination that they aren't "ready" for that bigger role or next step.  She made it the focus of her work to help women start playing bigger -- pursuing their dreams for their lives and careers, and sharing their voices more boldly. Join me and Tara in this conversation where we explore these themes, and discuss ways to help women (and men) overcome barriers to playing bigger in the world.    

  • How to think like a marketer and sell like a superstar -- with John Jantsch

    27/05/2014 Duración: 27min

    When I first started writing about small business marketing many years ago, one of the first people I heard about was John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing. John had a great reputation, a solid business and a well-respected and highly trafficked blog. I referred many clients to his first book, Duct Tape Marketing. Then to his second, The Referral Engine, and his third, The Commitment Engine. Through the years, we became good friends, and he has been a very trusted and valued mentor in my own business. I was thrilled that he wrote a new book, this time about selling, called Duct Tape Selling. I could not think of a more perfect person to talk about the new world of marketing and selling than John. In this 27 minute conversation, we talk about: The recent dramatic change in sales and marketing How to use well-tested inbound marketing techniques to drive and close sales The different skill set required for marketers to sell, and salespeople to market Check out John's new book, Duct Tape Selling here. It is a pow

  • Scaling Up Excellence

    28/02/2014 Duración: 34min

    Many entrepreneurs dream of starting a business in their garage, scaling it, then selling it to Google for a billion dollars.  Such things rarely happen.But scaling happens every day, in our career, our business or our workplace. We are constantly trying to improve ourselves, share our ideas, and put in systems and infrastructure that will grow our organizations without destroying that which made them great. Stanford professors Robert Sutton and Huggy Rao describe in their exceptionally well-researched and readable new book, Scaling Up Excellence: Getting to More Without Settling for Less that knowing how to scale is a critical skill for the 21st century workplace. And they have 7 years worth of research, analysis and case studies, consolidated into this great book. In my lively conversation with Bob Sutton, we discuss: Scaling excellence in your own career Scaling up competence as startups get past bootstrapping Looking for hot causes and cool solutions Why big teams suck Scaling excellence in large compani

  • Meaning at work, teens and the power of the underdog - Interview with author Josh Shipp

    05/12/2013 Duración: 33min

    I have always been a huge fan of underdogs. Josh Shipp started his life without a safety net. Abandoned at birth by his mother, he spent most of his youth bouncing between foster homes, growing increasingly disillusioned and angry. He finally landed in a home with a family who gave him the kind of support and encouragment he needed. He then built an amazing speaking business, reaching more than 2 million teens with live presentations. He created a television show called Jump Shipp where he pairs a person with a big dream with a mentor and a challenge to make it happen. His latest book is called Jump Ship: Ditch Your Dead-End Job and Turn Your Passion into a Profession. In this episode, Josh and I discuss: His own journey, and how he turned a bleak childhood into a life of service and inspiration Strategies for finding more meaning in your life and business How to integrate all of your "ingredients" in your work - skills, strengths and scars I was so inspired to talk to this young man who has done more with

  • Must-Read Book of 2013: Adversaries into Allies by Bob Burg

    07/11/2013 Duración: 26min

    When you think about it, navigating your life is a series of negotiations. In the course of a day, you may try to influence: Your new puppy to use the restroom outside Your customer to buy your product Your kid to brush his teeth Your neighbor to vote for your candidate Your boss to support your project How can you undertake these challenges with integrity, not force, and make all involved (especially the new puppy) feel like they got a win too? Bob Burg, the successful author of such classic books at The Go-Givers and Endless Referrals, tackles this challenge in his latest, and he argues most important book to date,  Adversaries into Allies: Win People Over Without Manipulation or Coercion. In the book, Bob lays out a way to approach negotiations and differences in business, and life, in a way that is mutually supportive and respectful. In this conversation, Bob and I talk about how our national political discourse (and resulting actions) might look radically different if we took the time to focus on the m

  • Live your life so that you DIE EMPTY: Interview with Todd Henry

    16/09/2013 Duración: 34min

    There are some people I meet who I instantly feel not just a connection with, but true kinship. Todd Henry is one of these people. I first met him when he interviewed me about my book Escape from Cubicle Nation on his wildly popular podcast, Accidental Creative. I was intrigued by his work with creatives, where he acts, in his words, as an "arms dealer for the creative revolution." His ideas have inspired people from graphic artists to Hip Hop stars (LL Cool J is a fan). But I really got to know him when we were both writing our new books for the same publisher (Portfolio) with the same editor (Emily Angell). Our late-night email chats were both inspiring and extremely effective for working through creative blocks. After being close with Todd in the creative process, I was so excited to read his brand new book Die Empty. It got me tremendously fired up. In this interview, Todd gives extremely clear, passionate, concrete advice on not only how to get your creative work out into the world, but why it is your ob

  • Promote Yourself: The New Rules for Career Success with Dan Schawbel

    06/09/2013 Duración: 28min

    Many years ago, when I was in the early years of blogging at Escape from Cubicle Nation, I heard about a young man named Dan Schawbel who was writing like crazy about personal branding and millenials in the workplace. His name and face were everywhere, as he wrote for his own blog, as well as grew an impressive byline in places like Fortune, Time and Fast Company. Dan's first book, Me 2.0, became an international bestseller, and has been translated in 13 languages. And yet, surprisingly as we discuss in this podcast interview, he had to work really hard to find the right publisher for his brand new book, Promote Yourself. Listen in to our conversation, where we discuss: How the world of work has changed, and what you need to do to make sure you have sustained career and business success The necessary hustle required to make things happen in a crowded online world Expectations from millenials in the workplace, and how we can all learn to get along (Dan and I have healthy disagreement on a few items here, but

  • Turn your questions into instant answers: Interview with Dan Martell

    06/06/2013 Duración: 26min

    Imagine that you are driving down the road and you get a call from your office that a VC is interested in talking to you about investing in your business, but the only time they have to meet with you is tomorrow at noon. You have never put together a pitch before, and feel slightly panicked. But then you open an app, say "How to make a VC pitch" and immediately get 5 names of experienced VCs. You scan the list, see that one of them is Mark Cuban, and say "call Mark" and in 2 minutes you have him on the phone, coaching you through tomorrow's presentation (of course you scanned the list when you were pulled into a parking lot, because of course you would not text and drive). When you hang up, you would automatically be billed for 15 minutes of Mark Cuban's time. This scenario is not far from the reality at, Dan Martell's current company which connects entrepreneurs with questions with experts who have answers. He has the small goal of reaching one billion people with his platform in ten years (!). In

  • Why Managing Sucks and How to Fix It - Interview with Jody Thompson

    20/02/2013 Duración: 40min

    In 2010, Cali Ressler and Jody Thompson released their first book Why Work Sucks and How to Fix It, based on their experience leading a "Results Only Work Environment" (ROWE) while they were at Best Buy. In a results-only workplace, employees can do whatever they want whenever they want, as long as the work gets done. No more pointless meetings, racing to get in at 9:00, or begging for permission to watch your kid play soccer. You make the decisions about what you do and where you do it. It sounds great, doesn't it? But if you are a manager, how do you make sure that work is actually getting done? In their second book, Why Managing Sucks and How to Fix it, Cali and Jody tell many stories from companies who have instituted ROWE environments. They provide guidance to managers who are ready to embrace the workplace of the future. In this 30-minute interview, Pam and Jody discuss the book, and the revolutionary movement to give employees control of their lives back, while creating a productive and dynamic work cu

  • Scale your business by avoiding the entrepreneur's trap: Interview with Tina Forsyth

    04/12/2012 Duración: 33min

    Starting a business can be a huge challenge, with a million things to learn, and the uncertainty of landing your first customers. Once you pass that gauntlet and develop a thriving business, another snag appears -- lack of focus, overwhelm and even burnout from trying to do everything yourself. In this interview, longtime business system expert Tina Forsyth explains what you need to put in place to ensure that you are able to scale and grow your business without losing your mind. We discuss: How to create your "yes" list The THRIVE hiring system, to ensure you get the right people in the right jobs Key systems every business needs in order to scale effectively Learn more in her new book, The Entrepreneur Trap:

  • Why we misjudge introverts and what we can do about it

    27/06/2012 Duración: 37min

    Popular American business culture says that the more someone "participates" by talking aloud during a meeting or networking event, the more "active," "friendly" and "supportive" they are. This (erroneous) definition ignores the fact that many quiet, introverted people are also "active," "friendly" and "supportive," just in a different way. In this interview with Barbara Saunders, a "formerly shy introvert," we discuss: What is the correct definition of an introvert? What are common misconceptions people make about introverts and why? How can you tell if you or someone you love is an introvert? How can we design our training, meetings and events to be introvert-friendly, and maximize their contribution in a way that respects their style Find Barbara at or on Twitter @bsaunders Some books we discussed on the call: Gifts Differing by Isabel Briggs Meyers Party of One: The Loners' Manifesto by A

  • A dirty little marketing secret no one is telling you

    07/06/2012 Duración: 23min

    A lot of entrepreneurs get all twisted up about branding. Either they think it is some huge, expensive thing that is only for large companies, or they get obsessed with nailing a complete brand strategy before taking the first tiny step in building a business. Neither extreme is true. In this podcast conversation with brand expert Liz Dennery-Sanders, we discuss what branding is and isn't, what is critical to know about branding at any stage of business, and how you must pay attention to every part of how you do business if you want your marketing efforts to be effective. To illustrate what we talked about in the interview, Liz shares this post: The dirty little marketing secret no one is telling you By Liz Dennery Sanders Why is it that some entrepreneurs have clients lining up outside their door and a waiting list a mile long, while others are struggling to pay the rent? Why is it that most entrepreneurs are busy, busy, busy with their marketing tasks, but only a handful are truly effective? There’s a dirty

  • Grow your business through referrals: Expert interview with Bob Burg

    21/05/2012 Duración: 55min

    This is the week of talent show finals: Dancing With the Stars contestants will be smiling and swirling on stage tonight, and American Idol contestants will sing their hearts out tomorrow for a chance at the grand prize. If there were a reality show for  Nicest Person on the Internet, Bob Burg would be in the finals, graciously Tweeting and writing  his way into the hearts of millions. Professional speaker and author of bestselling books Referral Engine, The Go-Giver, Go-Givers Sell More and his newest book, It's Not About You, Bob has built his career around teaching people that the very best way to be an effective and successful businessperson is to constantly and consistently focus on adding value to peoples' lives. To say his perspective is a breath of fresh air is an understatement! In this 50 minute interview, Bob and I discuss what are the underpinnings of a successful referral business, as well as specific strategies for attracting clients. You can find Bob and all his books at

  • Small Town Rules for Business That Will Help All of Us

    26/04/2012 Duración: 27min

    Becky McCray and Barry Moltz have just released their new book Small Town Rules: How Big Brands and Small Businesses Can Prosper in a Connected Economy. It is a fascinating resource with genuinely new insights for everyone in business. In my 20-minute interview with Becky McCray, we discuss: Common misconceptions people have about small, local businesses What large corporations can learn about branding from small business The formula for instant social media success :) (I am only sort of kidding - the way that Becky explained it made so much sense!) I am extremely passionate about this topic, and will engage more of my own local business community in the coming year to learn how to make my own business more effective and more enduring. When we connect all size businesses, we ALL win. You can find the book at all fine retailers, and at Becky is @beckymccray on Twitter and is at Barry is @barrymoltz on Twitter and is at

  • Taking People With You: Interview with Yum Brands CEO David Novak

    09/02/2012 Duración: 16min

    In a departure from my normal entrepreneur interviews, in this podcast, I talk with Yum Brands CEO David Novak who talks about how to create a great culture for your startup. Although he is the head of a huge corporation, he talks about core building blocks that apply to any stage of business. His book Taking People With You: The Only Way to Make Big Things Happen  breaks down the critical things you need to keep in mind to build a great business culture with happy employees, customers and shareholders. In our interview we discuss: How to choose the right people to grow your business How to develop and communicate a healthy work environment How to maintain a strong culture as you grow your business In perhaps my favorite part of the interview, I asked David what he thinks about corporate employees (even in his own organization) who are doing a side hustle in addition to their day job. His answer may surprise you. All proceeds from David's book are going to the World Food Program to help in the fight against

  • Tracking your right life - Interview with Bestselling Author Martha Beck

    06/02/2012 Duración: 24min

    Those of you who have been following my work for awhile know that I have been heavily influenced by my coach mentor Dr. Martha Beck. Her book Finding Your Own North Star changed the course of my life when I read it nearly a decade ago, and eventually led to my Escape from Cubicle Nation work. Martha is a Harvard-trained sociologist and bestselling author. She is Oprah's life coach in residence, and writes a monthly column for O Magazine. In this interview, I talk with Martha about her brand new book Finding Your Way in a Wild New World. Building on the research she started at Harvard many years ago, she explains how an encounter with an angry rhinoceros in Africa triggered an entirely new direction in her life, and led to this book. Rather than thinking your way to your right work, why not track your right life? We discuss: How to find a path in life that will make you happy Why the most "fancy" (wealthy, successful) people in the world are often unhappy What elders from around the world agree on about creat

  • Want a career in public speaking? Listen to this interview with Nick Morgan

    26/08/2011 Duración: 37min

    Who has not fantasized about being a professional public speaker? Can you imagine how great it would be to fly to exotic locations and get paid large sums of money for a one-hour motivational talk? Before you quit your day job, Nick Morgan, Harvard-trained communication expert, founder of Public Words and author of Trust Me and Give Your Speech Change the World has some hard-won advice on both creating quality speeches and making it in the hyper-competitive world of professional speaking. In this conversation, we discuss: The two conversations you have to manage in every presentation The real source of natural and powerful body language (otherwise known as "no, you don't have to flail your arms on cue.") The inside scoop on what it takes to succeed as a public speaker. Easy money in exotic locations is unfortunately not part of the reality. :) Find Nick at or

  • Productive Tips for The Accidental Creative

    08/07/2011 Duración: 33min

    I had the great pleasure of interviewing Todd Henry, author of the new book The Accidental Creative: How to be Brilliant at a Moment's Notice. After years of putting together teams of highly creative people, Todd learned that there were some secrets and patterns that helped them be happy, healthy and productive. He formed a consultancy to help organizations be more effective and started The Accidental Creative Podcast in 2006 which quickly shot to the top of the business category. He synthesizes lessons from this intensive work in his book which combines special insight into the creative mind, as well as specific tips for harnessing creative energy. As someone who creates for a living, knowing how to structure my life for maximum output and flow is a hugely attractive. You can find The Accidental Creative: How to be Brilliant at a Moment's Notice here, and more about it here. Connect with Todd on Twitter @toddhenry --- Book links in this post are affiliate links. Thankfully, I don't live in California anymor

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