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Each episode, Paul Spain and guests discuss what's happening in the world of technology, gadgets and telecommunications around the world and in New Zealand.


  • Blackpearl Group heads for NZX + UK and US Chinese tech bans, HP cuts, WhatsApp user details leaked

    29/11/2022 Duración: 01h02min

    Paul Spain is joined by Nick Lissette - CEO of Blackpearl Group to discuss Blackpearl Group's launch on NZX and well as Tech news from the week including:US/UK China tech banHP staff cutsWhatsApp user details leakedBiometrics in NZ supermarketsMecedes-Benz speed subscriptionUS army uses Russian software disguised as American

  • NZ startup Authsignal plus NZ rural internet, iPhone Satellite service, Google $600m fine and more

    22/11/2022 Duración: 57min

    Paul Spain is joined by Justin Soong, Founder of Authsignal, to discuss how NZ startup Authsignal are helping developers, plus:NZ rural broadbandVodafone TV switch-off pushed back, as Sky box delay drags onAir NZ plans to replace boarding passes with biometricsiPhone's satellite Emergency serviceU.S. Banks including New York Fed start 12-week digital dollar pilotGoogle $600m fineTwitter, is Musk playing us?Australia to ‘stand up’ against cyber criminals

  • Zoom conferencing from your car: Tesla says yes, + Twitter Fail and FTX bankruptcy

    15/11/2022 Duración: 55min

    Paul Spain is joined by Paul Woodfield (AUT) to discuss the latest tech news from the week, Including:NZ’s Public Safety NetworkTwitter Blue suspended due to impersonationsAmazon’s Sparrow robot In car Zoom callsDoorDash drone deliveryFTX bankruptcy

  • Dosh Kiwi Fintech, Mondelez Cyber Insurance settlement, Musk's Twitter

    08/11/2022 Duración: 01h07min

    Paul Spain is joined by Dosh Co-Founders James McEniery and Shane Marsh, to discuss Dosh New Zealand's first digital wallet, as well as tech news of the week, including:Air New Zealand bans Air Tag baggage trackersCalifornia legalizes Digital License platesMondelez, Zurich settle $100m+ NotPetya insurance lawsuitColes partner with Wing to offer grocery drone deliveryWill the European Union ban 8K TVsTwitter, a big mess after half of the 7500 staff fired Head to and use my referral code 00024406 to sign up.

  • Techwreck: Ex-Con back to lead Samsung, Ford dumps $2B AI investment, new Apple tax +Twitter/Elon

    01/11/2022 Duración: 01h02min

    Paul Spain is joined by Vincent Heeringa, host of This Climate business, to discuss the latest in Tech news, including: Intel cutbacks Samsung’s ex-con leader Ford dumps driverless for driver-assist Does NZ need a cyber minister Apple update tax on App Store Rova podcast app privacy Elon and Twitter

  • Cars and Tech converge, iPad >50% NZ price rise, hands on 2022 MG ZS EV

    25/10/2022 Duración: 56min

    Paul Spain is joined by motoring editor Damien O'Carroll to discuss technological advances in the Automotive sector, hands-on 2022 MG ZS EV and iPad price hikes, as well as: Government clean car rebate General Motors tech Ford technology advances Car Integration: Apple Car Play and Android Auto vs Tesla Autonomous Vehicles and Autopilot

  • US Chip Sanctions, Meta and Microsoft Metaverse partnership, Amazon Fire TV review, Kiwi Saas and more

    18/10/2022 Duración: 50min

    Paul Spain is joined by Community Director of Kiwi Saas Brett Roberts to discuss how Kiwi SaaS is helping to accelerate the SaaS sector in New Zealand as well Tech news of the week including: US citizens at Chinese chip firms caught in the middle of US/China chip manufacturing clash Indian Village going offline daily to help stop screen addiction Elon musk's tweets and turnaround on Starlink and Ukraine Tesla update for NZ now allows car cameras to be live streamed to App Meta and Microsoft team up for Metaverse VR Product review of Amazon Fire TV Stick, 4K and HD for NZ market, and Huawei's FreeBuds

  • Cyber Smart Week plus more

    11/10/2022 Duración: 42min

    Jason Hosking joins Paul Spain in Queenstown to discuss cyber security and data privacy, along with the following: (Cyber Smart Week 2022 )for info on cyber security Pinnacle Midlands Health Network cyber attack How NZ telco companies are guarding against cyber threats Sky TV to stream Rugby through to 2029 Alternatives to streaming services YouTube test 4k restrictions to premium accounts

  • Tesla Robots, Vodafone NZ rebrand, Deepfake discussion and more with Ambit's Tim Warren

    04/10/2022 Duración: 57min

    Paul Spain is joined by Tim Warren, CEO and Co-Founder of Ambit, to discuss Ambit’s virtual agents and AI, as well as tech news from the week, including: Deepfake in media    Vodafone NZ will change to One New Zealand        China tech firms desist in Russia and Ukraine      Tesla's humanoid robot      Google's Stadia to close the Latest from Amazon Apple iPhone14 production slows SaaStra annual 2022

  • Optus data breach, Meta and Google staff layoffs, Darth Vader AI, the future of Air Taxis

    27/09/2022 Duración: 48min

    Paul Spain is joined by Bill Bennett as they look into the latest tech news from around the world, including: Goodbye Vodafone TV Box, hello Sky Pod Optus data breach Meta and Google staff layoffs AI filling in for James Earl Jones The future of Air Taxis Alcohol detection in new cars “Angry developer” leaks ransomware builder

  • Deel NZ launch, Google project cuts, Adobe buys Figma, GoPro Hero 11, do Zoom calls reveal secrets?

    20/09/2022 Duración: 54min (Paul Spain)  and (Shannon Karaka) ( (Deel)) discuss how Deel is helping companies to hire globally and it's launch into New Zealand, plus tech news of the week including: Google to reduce R&D projects division by 50% Adobe acquires Figma for $20B US Zoom calls may reveal screen information in lens reflections GoPro subscription and Hero 11 Latest from DJI Deere software revenue

  • Elizabeth - The Tech Savvy Queen, Plus Samsung 5G networks, Apple iPhone 14, Virtual Moko

    13/09/2022 Duración: 43min

    Paul Spain is joined by Samsung’s Todd Selwyn, to discuss the Samsung 5G network's Auckland suburban roll out for spark, and tech news of the week including, Technology through out the Queen's reign Apple iPhone 14 release Wifi 7 Digital drivers licenses Outcry over Moko image filters

  • Parkable with co-founders Toby Littin and Brody Nelson

    06/09/2022 Duración: 53min

    Paul Spain is joined by Parkable co-founders Toby Littin and Brody Nelson to hear about Parkable's startup journey and recent success with Meta, as well as tech news from the week, including: NZ Aerospace Summit 2022 Teens dump Facebook for TikTok iPhone’s record market share Amazon’s ‘Rings’ ratings Quantum computer qualms

  • Tech, Tourism and Space - with Tourism Holding's Jo Hilson

    30/08/2022 Duración: 51min

    Jo Hilson ( (thl)) joins (Paul Spain) to discuss thl digital’s response to a changing tourism environment, review Amazon Echo Show 15 and Oppo Find X5 Pro and talk about this week’s tech news, including: ·       Fresh strawberries in winter thanks to NZ vertical farming · (M2X)’s management system makes transport more efficient ·       Meta’s customer service division to help those who have lost accounts ·      SpaceX and T-Mobile plans to boost mobile coverage in the US ·       NASA cancels Artemis 1 rocket launch

  • Insights on NZ's best: NZ Hi-Tech Awards with David Down, Brooke Roberts and Greg O'Grady (Part 2)

    26/08/2022 Duración: 56min

    We continue the celebration of the 2022 (Hi-Tech Awards). (Paul Spain) talks with David Downs (Chair of NZ Hi-Tech Trust), (Brooke Roberts) (Co-Founder and 3EO of (Sharesies)) and (Greg O'Grady) (Chief Executive of (Alimetry)), as they share their experiences and insights.

  • Tech and Space with Savannah Peterson

    23/08/2022 Duración: 43min

    Paul Spain is joined by Savannah Peterson (Founder & Chief Unicorn at Savvy Millennial) to review what's happening in NZ's technology sector and its future, plus the top space and tech news from this week, including: Rocket Lab to self-funded mission to Venus to seek out life NASA’s Voyager mission 45 years on New Zealand Aerospace Summit New York’s speed limiter trial How some features on our devices can give us real peace of mind Up and coming New Zealand Tech companies NASA’s sonification of a blackhole

  • Invenco $120m+ US sale, Disney beats Netflix, Amazon buys IRobot + fresh Cyber Security insights

    16/08/2022 Duración: 01h02min

    Paul Spain is joined by Mark Duncan (Cyclone Computers) and Andrew Fox (Aruba) to talk about the latest cyber security insights, as well as discussing some of this week's tech news, including: Invenco's $120m+ NZD sale to US firm Google Cloud to open NZ Cloud region Disney's subscriptions overtake Netflix Amazon buys IRobot Vaccum company Man sues Google after losing $800,000 in cryptocurrency Driverless taxi's cause traffic jam in San Francisco

  • Insights on NZ's best: Seequent, Agrisea and First AML - NZ Hi-Tech Award winners (part 1)

    10/08/2022 Duración: 57min

    On this special episode we celebrate and learn from three winning companies in the 2022 Hi-Tech Awards. Paul Spain talks with Chief Executives Graham Grant (Seequent), Clare Bradley (Agrisea) and Milan Cooper (First AML) to gain insights and inspiration from these award winning companies and their leaders.

  • Vodafone NZ's new virtual network play, 275m people lose key internet services, Intel in pain + more

    02/08/2022 Duración: 49min

    Paul Spain and Bill Bennett discuss some of this week's Tech news from New Zealand and around the world, including the following: Vodafone NZ's new virtual network play NZ's Invisible Urban Charging looks to install 6000+ EV chargers in Florida Intel's revenue loss Samsung Galaxy's 'repair mode' hides personal data Nanogirl Labs launches “Creator Project” 275m people lose key internet services due to Indonesia's licensing rules Declining smart phone sales

  • Spark NZ Millimetre Wave (mmWave) trial takes 5G further - with Renee Mateparae

    26/07/2022 Duración: 58min

    Paul Spain is joined by Renee Mateparae (Spark NZ), to discuss Spark's recent rural trial of 5G mmWave, and fast speed connectivity. Tech giants sign NZ online safety code SpaceX breaks annual record of launches... in July Ford’s workforce cuts and EV expansion Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg face deposition about Cambridge Analytica Chess robot injures 7yr old opponent's finger Didi’s $1.2B fine Baidu's new self-driving taxi in China Flaws in GPS tracker enable “life-threatening” hacks

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