Terrell Turner Podcast



Welcome to the Audio Podcast of Terrell Turner.Hear inspired teaching that will build the Whole Man & the Whole family. Your faith will be uplifted and you will be challenged to know that your best days are ahead! For more, visit www.terrellturner.com


  • God's Authentic Word


    In this message, Terrell Turner shares how God has already finished everything in our lives, and if we will step out in faith, He will meet us at the point of our expectation.God's Authentic Word

  • I Am An Overcomer


    Terrell Turner shares in this landmark message, no matter what you have faced, what you are facing there is nothing you cannot overcome through faith in God's word. Nothing can destroy your life. This message will truly uplift your faith, eliminate any doubt, and push you towards unlocking the dream and desires inside you.Overcomer

  • It's Your Time


    In probably one of the greatest messages he's shared, Pastor Terrell Turner unlocks revelation from the Word of God concerning time, what it truly means to have great faith, and how our pain is turned to power. You will be encouraged and truly uplifted as you listen to this message and learn that right now truly is your moment. As you listen, prepare yourself and decide right now that after you hear this message, you will truly never be the same and you will have entered a new level.My Time

  • Power of God Short


    Enjoy this 12 minute short from the landmark message, The Power of God: Evicting the Enemy. Full message is also available in iTunes.Power of God Short

  • The Power of God: Evicting the Enemy


    In this landmark, heartfelt message, Pastor Terrell Turner delivers a powerful message on walking in the power of God and the weapons we have as believers to overcome any and all obstacles. This message will inspire and motivate your faith and call you to action in your Christian walk as you experience God's presence contained within this message.The Power of God

  • Transform Week 1


    Transformation first requires a look within at our lives and make a quality decision. In Week 1 of the first series of 2013, Pastor Terrell helps us to examine four areas that will cause us to have a deeper relationship with God.Transform Week 1

  • Living in Eden's Blessing


    Terrell Turner shares a powerful word on how God's original design of the Garden of Eden is HIs plan for our lives and available to us through The Blessing, and having a mindset of expectancy will move us into manifestation of God's plan for our lives.Living in Eden's Blessing

  • Unlimited Faith


    There are many things that come to limit us in our lives. This message will launch you from where you are to where you want to be in every area of your life. Learn to break the shackles that mind, move in a greater realm, and experience what you never thought possible though unlimited faith.Unlimited Faith

  • Lifting Limits


    Pastor Terrell Turner shares six key things we must do in order to move past limitations and into the destined place God has for our lives.Lifting Limits

  • Success and the Blessing


    God desires for His children to experience the life He created for them. Pastor Terrell takes us on a journey from the Old to the New Testament, revealing God's covenant promise through the generations and its impact on our success.Success and the Blessing

  • The Untouchables


    Terrell Turner is the guest speaker at Inspiration Ministries and shares about the untouchable things in our lives than can hinder our forward progress.The Untouchables