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If a hot take is offered up in the woods and nobody's there to hear it, is it really a hot take? Each week, CB and Jordan discuss the happenings in and around sports and offer their hottest takes on topics you may or may not care about. Regardless, they are going to get these jokes off.


  • Episode 14 - Dave Chappelle Shouldve Stayed His A** Retired

    Episode 14 - Dave Chappelle Should've Stayed His A** Retired

    03/04/2017 Duración: 56min

    CB and Jordan are back from another long hiatus (thanks Trump) and they come bearing gifts: better recording equipment! They skip the standard small talk that they usually lead the show off with and get right into the meat of the episode: Dave Chappelle and his new Netflix specials. Universal excitement turned into a mixture of disappointment, defensive praise, and a whole lot of people yelling past each other on the internet. The guys talk the high points, low points, and the real question that needs to be answered: why the f**k did Dave do this? Twitter: @cbenjaminrucker @jordanmcalhoun Email: flaminghottakespodcast@gmail.com

  • Episode 13 - Apologetically Black TV aka The Luke Cage Episode

    Episode 13 - Apologetically Black TV aka The Luke Cage Episode

    19/10/2016 Duración: 59min

    After a long hiatus, CB and Jordan are back with friend of the show, Shamira, and first time guest Brittany to talk Luke Cage and the new slate of black TV shows airing this fall. If there's any episode that lives up to the name of the show, it is this one. The takes from everyone are as hot as you'll find around and will likely result in all of their mentions going up in flames over the days to come. Be that what it may, it's a fun conversation on black art, respectability politics, and the way we patronize and talk about black art in this day and age. RIP their mentions... Twitter: Shamira - @inomallday, Brittany - @brittanyacts, CB - @cbenjaminrucker, Jordan - @jordanmcalhoun Email: flaminghottakes@gmail.com