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Banter Over a Cigarette is a variety style blogcast podcast where I discuss the things that amuse me, interest me, concern me. I talk about strange things in the news, anything that can be labeled as what-the-fuckery, as well as movie reviews, interviews, and I highlight musicians and fellow podcasters from time to time. If this seems like its right up your alley check it out at Hosted by Eldon K.R.


  • Video Update: Why there haven’t been any updates at all

    Video Update: Why there haven’t been any updates at all

  • Video Update: Season Three Finale

  • Important Update: Please listen!

    Important Update: Please listen!


    Listen to this small audio clip: Then click this link and watch the video: The audio might not be lined up with the video but I blame that on the internet.

  • Promo: NaNoWrivalry

    Promo: NaNoWrivalry


    Here be the promo I was talking about for the last couple of weeks. Listen to it for all the details, one to post tomorrow as well. And probably the day after that, and the one after that two. Got to get all these things out thank to my nemesis and his delay in getting […]

  • BOaCS3Ep9-Things and Stuff

    BOaCS3Ep9-Things and Stuff


    I’ll have to appologize for this one. I knew that this one needed editing but, meeting NaNoWriMo goals got in the way of that as well as some personal issues that I’ve been trying to work through. The show hasn’t been edited and I’m sorry. The season is coming to a close sometime in December, […]

  • BOaCS3Ep8 – The Tangent Fest

    BOaCS3Ep8 – The Tangent Fest


    From what I gathered from my Twitter feed over the weekend, everybody seems to be talking about the ACTA and how everybody seems pissed off by it. It would also seem that for once I got on the band wagon early because my cohosts and I discussed this in the middle of last week while […]

  • The BOaC Promo is live!

    The BOaC Promo is live!


    Here we go ladies and gentlemen. Would have had this promo A LOT sooner but it took a while to get Kyle’s line. Take this promo send it to everyone you know, send it to your favorite podcast. Alternatively if you have your own podcast you’re more than welcome to put this on your show, […]

  • BOaCS3Ep7 – NaNoWriMo

    BOaCS3Ep7 – NaNoWriMo


    This week we covered some interesting topics, but what I’d like to focus on is our feature. I talked with Scott Roche about NaNoWriMo at length and we discussed some of the main pitfalls that writers face from a domestic standpoint, as well as some problems you’ll face as a novice writer, as well as […]




    This is the audio part to the essay that I posted on Drawing a Blank. This is also a preemptive apology. You see, Ben, has had tomorrows episode since last night and he chose to go to bed early today instead of doing the show notes. There’s really nothing I can do if he won’t […]

  • And now for something totally different. . .

    And now for something totally different. . .


    Sorry it’s late. You can blame my Nemesis

  • BOaCS3Ep6 – Return of the Kyle

    BOaCS3Ep6 – Return of the Kyle


    That’s right boys and girls, Kyle came back after the month like I said we would. This one is a bit long, but stay tuned, silliness ensues. 0:00 Intro 6:20 Front End Banter 13:45 Break: Erotica a la carte promo 14:55 Apple Tablet 20:25 NSF Porn Problem 25:45 Technology is Scary, It knows who you […]

  • BOaCS3Ep5 – Introducing the Fail of the Week Segment

    BOaCS3Ep5 – Introducing the Fail of the Week Segment


    Righty-O! Here I am with the next episode for your listening pleasure. We created a new segment as well as had a guest host. I really hope you enjoy the show and I’ll see you next week. [Ben thinks it’s fun to make me look bad. So instead of doing the show notes today he […]

  • BOaCS3Ep4 – Slow news week

    BOaCS3Ep4 – Slow news week


    Alright. Here’s Episode 4. On time again. I think I’m starting to get the hang of this again. And so is Ben. It used to take forever to get him to find time to record, and then having him transcribe the shownotes was always like pulling teeth. It’s good that we have an actual schedule […]

  • BOaCS3Ep3- Season Opener

    BOaCS3Ep3- Season Opener


    After two weeks of interviews we bring you the season opener. It ran a bit long but that’s to be expected of the first show we’ve recorded in almost a year. Most shows will usually run abour 45 minutes long after this unless it’s another special episode or an interview. The downside is that my […]

  • BOaCS3Ep2 – Interview with Dan Sawyer (part 2)

    BOaCS3Ep2 – Interview with Dan Sawyer (part 2)


    This is the second part of my interview with Dan Sawyer of Down From Ten and the Antithesis Progression. Our season opener will hit the feed by next week and if I can’t seem to get either one of my regular hosts behind the microphone I’ll either go solo or find a guest host. If […]

  • BOaCS3Ep1: An interview with Dan Sawer of the Antithesis Progression (Part 1 of 2)

    BOaCS3Ep1: An interview with Dan Sawer of the Antithesis Progression (Part 1 of 2)


    Yes boys and girls, that’s right! We’re back, for reals this time, look I even have an episode to prove it. The first two episodes of this season will be the interview with Dan Sawyer, our actual season opener will be the third episode. The reasoning behind this well be explained in the after banter […]

  • Test


  • A sneak peak at the music for season 3

    A sneak peak at the music for season 3


    This song is called “Ill Business”. It’s from a local Indiana band called Once a Friend and they kindly allowed me to use this way back in March when I was originally intending to launch the show. We’ll be throwing more things from season three your way soon. Right now I’m having a problem with […]

  • BOaCS2Ep12 Season Finale

    BOaCS2Ep12 Season Finale


    Well, I was going to have Ben come over today and do the show notes today. That didn’t happen because Ben is deciding to be a dick, and it seems like he’s only using me as a convenience to him because I’m the only person he knows that has wireless internet. Or at least that’s […]

  • BOaCS2Ep11-We Play Too Many Video Games

    BOaCS2Ep11-We Play Too Many Video Games


    I’ll have to admit that I just used the elections as an excuse to post this one late. Partying on Halloween and discovering Doctor Who left me a bit too lazy to work on anything over the weekend and that is unfair to you, the listeners. Myself and the rest of the BOaC team have […]

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