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  • Exhibiting comics (2013)

    Exhibiting comics (2013)


    Listen to a pair of interviews recorded at OCCUPY MY TIME GALLERY, Deptford, where Alex Fitch talks to gallery owner / curator Sue Cohen, and artist Sarah Lightman, about the latter’s exhibition “The Book of Sarah”, which previews her forthcoming … Continue reading →

  • Alison Bechdel

    Alison Bechdel


    Listen to an episode of the Laydeez do comics podcast, recorded at Comica Festival 2012 – graphic novelist Alison Bechdel reads from her new book Are you my mother? and answers questions from the audience about her debut Fun Home, … Continue reading →

  • Sussex to South Asia and stops in-between

    Sussex to South Asia and stops in-between


    Listen to a presentation by Hannah Berry about her second graphic novel, Adamtime, which tells the tale of a group of people trapped on a mysterious, sedentary train in the middle of the night, the paths that lead them there … Continue reading →

  • Who is Ana Mendieta?

    Who is Ana Mendieta?


    Listen to a Q and A recorded at Whitechapel Gallery, in which Laydeez do comics curators Sarah Lightman and Nicola Streeten discuss their work with Christine Redfern, writer of the graphic novel ‘Who is Ana Medieta?’, currently the subject of … Continue reading →

  • Promoting comics

    Promoting comics


    Listen to two talks recorded at Laydeez do comics, the first in a new season of Laydeez do podcasts, Charles Hatfield talks about comics academia and Jay Eales and Selina Lock discuss publishing The Girly Comic. Hatfield is the author … Continue reading →

  • Comic Nurse / Tangles

    Comic Nurse / Tangles


    Listen to a recording of November 2011’s Laydeez do comics meeting, in which M.K. Czerwiec and Sarah Leavitt talk about their work, mixing autobiography and medical comics. M.K. discusses the strips produced by her alter-ego, Comic Nurse and Sarah talks … Continue reading →

  • Depicting the personal

    Depicting the personal


    Listen to a pair of interviews about artists who examine their personal life and feelings as a subject for their art. Cartoonist Richy K. Chandler talks to Simone Lia about her new graphic novel, Please God, find me a husband!, … Continue reading →

  • Depictions of the female form

    Depictions of the female form


    Listen to two talks recorded at Laydeez do comics, Dr. Ann Miller, lecturer and joint editor of European Comic Art journal talks about stereotypical representations of women in bandes dessinées, particularly by Pénélope Bagieu, creator of ‘chic-lit’ comic Joséphine; and … Continue reading →

  • The problem with autobiography

    The problem with autobiography


    Listen to a panel discussion recorded at the First Fiction festival, Sussex University, January 2012. Author Sue Eckstein discusses the problems inherent in creating autobiographies with graphic novelists Nicola Streeten and Anuerin Wright and how creators can subvert and overcome … Continue reading →

  • Dotter of her fathers eyes

    Dotter of her fathers eyes


    Listen to a recording of Nicola Streeten interviewing Bryan and Mary Talbot about their forthcoming graphic novel, Dotter of Her Father’s Eyes, which contrasts two coming of age narratives: Lucia, daughter of James Joyce, and author Mary Talbot, daughter of … Continue reading →