Lloyds Tsb Corporate Markets Bizcast



The Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets Bizcast lets you share of-the-moment specialist research and analysis. It gives you a chance to hear some of the latest thinking on the issues affecting corporate banking and financial markets for 2007, direct from the experts. In this fast-moving global economy, keeping track of topical economic issues, financial markets and industrial sectors, around the world, is vital. And translating that information into forecasts and strategies is critical. Join Quentin Cooper and industry-leading guests, as they discuss these issues and more.


  • Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets Bizcast 1

    Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets Bizcast 1

    15/01/2007 Duración: 15min

    Welcome to the first Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets Bizcast. In this episode, leading business journalist and Financial Editor of the Evening Standard, Anthony Hilton, will be firing questions at Trevor Williams, Chief Economist of Lloyds TSB Corporate Markets. All of this will be overseen by Quentin Cooper, lauded by the Times as "an expert on everything from pop music to astrophysics."