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  • 002: High Performing Teams

    002: High Performing Teams

    29/08/2015 Duración: 16min

    What does leadership have to do with humble confidence? And what does this actually look like in practice? The good news is: everybody can do this! 6 Steps for Deliberately Building High Performing Teams 1. Be specific about the team that you want to be high performing. Give it a name. 2. Be explicit about what you’re doing. Tell them that you’re going to work on being high performing. 3. Be intentional about the team members. 4. Develop cohesion amongst the team members. Build trust and vulnerability. 5. Commit to healthy debate, accountability, and driving results. 6. Rinse and repeat.

  • 004: The Power of a Life Plan

    004: The Power of a Life Plan

    29/08/2015 Duración: 20min

    Why is a life plan important? 1. A life plan integrates every aspect of your life together 2. We’re not living a zero-sum game, though we often act as though we are 3. With a life plan, my life is more complete and integrated My life is actually more like the Olympic rings. The more you scale the Olympic rings, the more they overlap. It’s at the intersection points, where the circles touch and overlap, that I learned I need to spend more time and planning.

  • 003: The Power Of Vulnerability

    003: The Power Of Vulnerability

    29/08/2015 Duración: 20min

    I share the story of how I learned about how powerful vulnerability is…the hard way. Steps for you to tap into the power of vulnerability: 1. Admit your mistakes. 2. Be transparent with your thoughts and feelings with others. 3. Encourage and help others share in that same vulnerability. Vulnerability is a leadership tool that we’re afraid of. It’s so powerful, because it’s human and real and authentic. By being vulnerable, you demonstrate trust. You show that you’re in it for the mission, as opposed to for yourself. When we’re real and authentic, we’re able to motivate and lead much more powerfully. It has taken me a long time to learn how to really embrace the power of vulnerability and use it consistently. Your challenge: be vulnerable this week.

  • 001: Why Every Leader Should Strive For Humble Confidence

    001: Why Every Leader Should Strive For Humble Confidence

    29/08/2015 Duración: 21min

    Why should all leaders should strive to live with humble confidence? Here’s my short answer, in four reasons: 1. Confidence will strengthen your leadership position. 2. Humility will neutralize the ego that grow from your leadership position. 3. Confidence will get you through the inevitable challenges. 4. Humility will will allow you to navigate the inevitable challenges.

  • 000: Introducing The New Humble Confidence Podcast

    000: Introducing The New Humble Confidence Podcast

    29/08/2015 Duración: 09min

    Over the past several weeks I have been trying to get their permission to use Toby’s song “Steal My Show” as the theme song for my the new Humble Confidence podcast, which I have appropriately named “Steal My Show”. Unfortunately, I have yet to get through to him or the folks at Forefront Records, so hopefully a bit of new media will do the trick.