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  • SNS #37: Moments Of Crisis

    SNS #37: Moments Of Crisis


    “I see sparks flying outside the train, and we stop with a jolt, and lights go out”- Alex Garretson Fight or flight? When your normal routine suddenly has raised stakes, how do you handle the situation? Today, we get three instances of real crisis and the human response. Appetizer: Off The Rails Andrew is late […]

  • Making JERK – #3 Eye Contact

    Making JERK – #3 Eye Contact


    A weekly look behind the curtain of our newest theatrical production, JERK. In today’s episode, Andrew reveals some real life moments that inspired JERK, and we go through the importance of eye contact to relationship between actors, and between actors and the audience. JERK will run August 24-26th, and August 31st- September 2nd at 8pm*, at THE HIVE, in […]

  • Making JERK – #2 We Don’t Have The Space

    Making JERK – #2 We Don’t Have The Space


    A weekly look behind the curtain of our newest theatrical production, JERK. In today’s episode, Andrew highlights the directing talents of Dylan James Amick, and runs through the constraints on this production. JERK will run August 24-26th, and August 31st- September 2nd at 8pm*, at THE HIVE, in Brooklyn NYC. *(with 2pm showings on Saturdays) You can buy tickets to the […]

  • Making JERK – #1 The Final Table Read

    Making JERK – #1 The Final Table Read


    A weekly look behind the curtain of our newest theatrical production, JERK. In today’s episode, Andrew tells us how we got here, and why table reads make him nervous. JERK will run August 24-26th, and August 31st- September 2nd at 8pm*, at THE HIVE, in Brooklyn NYC. *(with 2pm showings on Saturdays) You can buy […]




    In this minisode, we hear a new story about what not to do when working out in a graveyard, we revisit our JULY 4TH trip to Coney Island, and we get a preview about the next full length SNS episode. First Course: Grave Consequences Lindsey Griffith tells of her failed high intensity workout in a […]

  • SNS #36: DIY

    SNS #36: DIY


    “You think Steve Harvey is helping you, but you’ve known that pile of clothes needs to be put away for a while”- Matthew Manning     Do-It-Yourself has become a craze from instructional videos, to home cooking kits, to self help books. Today we explore what kind of value can be gleaned from doing it […]

  • SNS #35: The End

    SNS #35: The End


    “Even if you know it’s over, it’s hard because it’s… it’s another person!”- Molly Corum   For season three, we are starting at the end! This episode explores the difficulty of ending things, from long running television shows to Tinder relationships. Appetizer: Don’t Have A Bow, Man Andrew and Matt Schott were raised on The Simpsons. […]

  • 2017 Podcast Address: Third Year Anniversary

    2017 Podcast Address: Third Year Anniversary


    Podcast Head Honcho Andrew Terrance Kaberline reveals everything you need to know about CPT Broadcast’s third year producing audio stories. Two years ago, on valentine’s day 2015, I was sitting in a rehearsal space in downtown Manhattan with the rest of the Critical Point ensemble, trying to figure out why our podcasts wouldn’t upload. There […]

  • SNS #34: Strange Love

    SNS #34: Strange Love


    “Here I am thinking now, not “hey I should get out of this situation,” but more so “is this weird? Is this beastiality?”- Jon Zencheck     In our season finale, we explore the strange things that people do as a result of trying to find a mate, or in response to losing one. Appetizer: […]

  • SNS #33: Seven Deadly Sins (Part 2)

    SNS #33: Seven Deadly Sins (Part 2)


    I think that in just one angle of his head, there are a million stories. – Matt Manning, on Larry   Andrew explores the final three deadly sins. Our journey takes us from Facebook to fictional cities to the local strip club.   Appetizer: Andrew reminds the audience about the sins we covered last week, before diving into […]

  • SNS #32: Seven Deadly Sins (Part 1)

    SNS #32: Seven Deadly Sins (Part 1)


    The statue of limitations has passed, and the person I’m speaking of is dead, so… I think it should be safe to tell. – Kathy Andrew explores the Seven Deadly Sins by trying to find examples of them in everyday stories, in part one of this two part exploration of the tempting moments of life. […]

  • SNS #31: This Is Me Now

    SNS #31: This Is Me Now


      “Yeah, so spoiler alert humans, even if you’re in a queer relationship, you still spend all your time talking about the bedspread” – Reilly O’ Connor Andrew turns over hosting duties to Sammi Santini, who delves into the life of Reilly O’ Connor and hears from some of the most important people in her life, […]

  • SNS #30: Page Turner

    SNS #30: Page Turner


    Stevie washes the dishes, but Adam Page would just throw them out the window… – Stevie Woltz Andrew interviews Stevie Woltz, the man behind Ring Of Honor Pro Wrestler Adam Page, about how he decided to become a pro wrestler, and how he recently blew up his life.     Appetizer: Blowing Up Your Life Andrew […]

  • SNS Update and Promo

    SNS Update and Promo


    Podcast Head Honcho, Andrew Terrance Kaberline gives an update on where we are in the creative process. ALSO, a short preview for next sunday’s new episode on the joys of blowing up your life! This preview is by way of heel promo from the star of next week’s episode, professional wreslter Hangman Page  

  • SNS #29: Let’s Get Broad (LIVE)

    SNS #29: Let’s Get Broad (LIVE)


    I don’t think I can use magic to get this woman off the hood of my car because, well, I’m just not very good at magic.- Andrew Terrance Kaberline LIVE from Cornerstone Studios, as part of the Uptown Arts Stroll, Andrew invites the audience to join in the fun as we go through two stories about […]

  • SNS #28: This Must Be The Place

    SNS #28: This Must Be The Place


    I forced myself to have some sort of meaningful introspection, while standing at the edge of a lake where I made out with a girl once…and it felt so fake.- Matthew Schott Amidst new changes in parent’s life, Andrew listens to stories about how we determine where Home is, and tries to hone in on […]

  • SNS #27: Not My Crowd

    SNS #27: Not My Crowd


    “People were so stoked to see my running…I didn’t know why… I guess they were just so excited to see something new and different”- Samantha Jeffreys In this episode we explore moments of life where we find ourselves to be the one who is different amongst many likeminded people. Stories of what it’s like to mix […]

  • SNS #26: Ladies First’s

    SNS #26: Ladies First’s


    “I had never met anyone else who was going through what I was, and then suddenly it was like I walked into a whole room full of them”- Jackie Mullen In the third and final (for now) installment of our internet-to-real life saga, we get a few stories from females detailing their early teenage experiences […]

  • SNS: Mother’s Day, Revisited

    SNS: Mother’s Day, Revisited


    “I knew my Mom was a very strong woman, but, I’m floored by how strong she really had to be to give birth three times.”- Amanda Fain We revisit last year’s Mother’s Day episode featuring the Kaberline clan, and take a look at how that family has expanded in size and statuses since last year. […]

  • SNS #25: One Take

    SNS #25: One Take


    When you do something like that, you lose any and all control We continue our look at the consequences of internet use in real life, by talking with our wonderful guest Lance Diamond and reliving the time in his life when he made a funny video about being angry with footwear purchases, and it became […]

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