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Hannah Neurotica and Ashlee are your typically over-enthused, sometimes cynical horror nerds. Both ladies connected when they discovered an equally relentless love for 80's slashers and Heather Langenkamp. It's one thing to love horror, but both Hannah and Ashlee took their fandom to academia through studying gender roles and the cultural influences behind their favorite genre films. But both ladies knew horror bled beyond the celluloid frame, and that through much research, women were sorely marginalized. It was time to join forces to launch the Women in Horror Month Podcast. With super-major-crazy amounts of excitement, the two have fused their morbid brains together to showcase the multitude of women artists in horror with a community interactive approach to interviews and discussions for the underrepresented female horror artist and those who support them. The Official Women in Horror Month Podcast & Women in Horror Recognition Month is a service provided by the Viscera Organization, a 501(c)(3) non-profit that works to expand opportunities for contemporary female genre filmmakers, artists, and the public through education, exhibition, and networking.


  • Episode 6: The Women Behind Horror-Themed Print Media  Journalism

    Episode 6: The Women Behind Horror-Themed Print Media & Journalism

    28/07/2013 Duración: 01h14min

    In an understanding that this is the time of the year where folks are out and about and maybe even trekking long distances, Hannah and Ashlee wanted to celebrate the go-to activity for the smart arty in us all which is indulging in some magazine reads for your summer travel! In particular, the print media brought to you by the women who love horror and produce these dynamite publications! Hannah talks zines, her own publication Ax Wound and its exciting future.  How do you feel about 1990s horror? Christine Makepeace spends some time with the ladies to talk about Paracinema magazine: the history, its purpose, 'writing from a place of passion', print vs. digital, and just a very meaty convo that also includes talking about lady writers. Buy a back issue, read a blog post, pre-order the next! New audio: check out Johnny Krueg's fun horror film podcast, Krueger Nation. It is indeed as entertaining as the promo! Until August...

  • Episode 5: Viscera Film Festival 2013

    Episode 5: Viscera Film Festival 2013

    29/06/2013 Duración: 01h43min

    June was bloody with the U.S. release of American Mary, Hatchet III, and other goodies heralded by cult horror enthusiasts and it gets bloodier in July with the annual Viscera Film Festival on Saturday, July 13th at the American Cinematheque’s Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood, California! Hannah and Ashlee provide all the details including the lineup and judges whose names you may recognize. Hear from Viscera's Director of Operations Lori Bowen and Chief Officer of Operations Barbara Stepansky providing some history behind how the festival was planted and grew. From the filmmakers behind 3 of this year's selections, ladies and gents, Jenn Wexler (Halloween Bash, Slumber Party) & Karen Lam (The Meeting) take the time to be inspirational and "fucking awesome". In addition, look for Karen's upcoming feature, Evangeline! Sounds: Ghettosongbird's "Alley Of The Earth" Feedback: Check out genre film writer Matt-suzaka's virtual home, Chuck Norris Ate My Baby! Extras: Check out some shorts from Viscera (tour and

  • Episode 4: American Mary  Body Horror

    Episode 4: American Mary & Body Horror

    29/05/2013 Duración: 01h14min

    May marks a great milestone in horror as the much anticipated American Mary (finally!) gets a limited release in US theaters this Friday, May 31st! To support the momentum, Hannah and Ashlee got a chance to yuck it up with directors Jen & Sylvia Soska along with their supporting gems Tristan Risk and Paula Lindberg about the film. The film was described best here: “The horror version of Legally Blonde”!!! Hannah and Ashlee also talk body horror in regards to 2000's Ginger Snaps. Both women dig not only the themes of feminism, menstruation, transformation, and lycanthropy but also Katherine Isabelle's awesome performance. They wanted to show her some shine for being the formidable Mary. And Ashlee would like to mention some of her other favorite films in the body horror genre: John Carpenter's The Thing, Martyrs, Hellbound: Hellraiser 2, and Videodrome. Some of Hannah's include: The Brood, Basket Case, Alien, Frankenhooker, anything Cronenberg, Hellraiser, Bad Biology, May, Dead Ringers, Audition, Re-Anima

  • Episode 3: Non-Fiction Horror By Women  Lianne Spiderbaby

    Episode 3: Non-Fiction Horror By Women & Lianne Spiderbaby

    28/04/2013 Duración: 01h03min

    Happy end of April, listeners! I hope Spring is springing all up in your corner of planet Earth and bringing you much joy for the outdoors. While out, I hope your headphones and mobile devices are tuned into our latest episode where we celebrate some really groovy women who have contributed to the horror community through non-fiction prose. Hannah and Ashlee jump right into their [read]trospective of Carol J. Clover's Men Women and Chainsaws: Gender In The Modern Horror Film first by uniquely describing how the book came to their knowledge and second, a briefer on their favorite sections. Shout out to the folks who responded to our Facebook and Twitter question about what were some of your favorite non-fiction horror by or about women: Chelsey Burdon recommends Axelle Carolyn's It Lives Again!: Horror Movies In The New Millenium. Alexandra West point us to The Dread of Difference: Gender and the Horror Film. Andrew N. Shearer is hip to Renegade Sisters: Girl Gangs on Film by Bev Zalcock. (Mae West may h

  • Episode 2: Women in Horror Month 2013 Recap  Barbara Muschietti

    Episode 2: Women in Horror Month 2013 Recap & Barbara Muschietti

    31/03/2013 Duración: 43min

    We're back! The featured music is brought to you by director and actress Lisa Hammer from her album Radiana! The second episode of the Official Women in Horror Month podcast is a recap of this past February and a big, huge thank you to all who participated. If we forgot to mention you, multiple apologies. The response was overwhelming in a positive way and we appreciate all the hard work and effort from ambassadors, event organizers, the generosity of sponsors and our Viscera family. Ashlee summarized her event, Philly Loves Women In Horror with a focus on how its purpose was to foster the spirit of philanthropy for your local arts & youth non-profits. By the sheer excitement of audience members and continued partnership with donation recipient Lil Filmmakers, Ashlee's already planning on a bigger platform next year with more films and a Q&A panel that will include co-host Hannah as well as Philadelphia horror mavens Jenny Dreadful and Samm Deighan. La Petite Morgue's Kellie posted a brief recap of the or

  • The First Official Women in Horror Month Podcast: Part Two

    The First Official Women in Horror Month Podcast: Part Two

    03/02/2013 Duración: 01h07min

    Part 2 interviews include: Feminist Furry & Meredith Widnoon - Hosts of The Whorer Podcast Head to for episodes and essays that bring a "punk-fem-queer" approach to horror on film and television. Jovana Dimitrijevic - Filmmaker & Event/Community organizer Girls Can Do Horror ( is working to construct a Serbian community where women can actively (and safely) participate in the production of horror films. Here's the link to her film Women's Court: Chelsea Holland & Ava Rosenblatt - Artistic Director of La Petite Morgue You can support live, theatrical horror at Ghettosongbird - Singer/Songwriter/Musician Tunes can be found at Watch "Alley Of The Earth" on YouTube at Sandra Kasturi - Co-Publisher of ChiZine Publications Unique, dark fiction authors can be found at www.

  • The First Official Women in Horror Month Podcast: Part One

    The First Official Women in Horror Month Podcast: Part One

    02/02/2013 Duración: 43min

    Hannah Neurotica and Ashlee usher in Women in Horror Month 2013 by discussing what they plan to do for Women in Horror Month: Ashlee's bringing WiHM to Philadelphia, and Hannah is taking the Ax Wound Film Festival online. Ashlee opens the floor for the fusion of Black History & Women in Horror Month by highlighting the work of scholar Dr. Robin R. Means Coleman and her book, Horror Noire: Blacks in American Horror Films from 1890's to Present as well as Kristina Leath-Malin's MFA project, My Final Girl: Black Women of Blaxploitation Horror currently in post production. Here's the link to the video clip: Guests include some of this year's WiHM sponsors and ambassadors and where to find them online: Rebekah McKendry - Award-winning filmmaker, Director of Marketing at Fangoria Magazine Rebekah Herzberg - Actress, horror enthusiast Tonjia Atomic - Filmmaker, Jewelry Maker, Mus